Pet Deshedding Tool

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  • Press the button and then wiggle the comb or manually tear off to immediately remove the hair on the comb teeth.
  • The metal comb teeth are 1 mm apart to reach deep to the root of the coat
  • Round and smooth comb teeth help to protect your pet's skin; designed to prevent scratching
  • The handle and the comb forms a 120° angle to allow a natural hold in-hand
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Eject button tab on reverse for removing collected hair


  1. Make sure there is no matted hair before using the de-shedding tool.
  2. Use the de-shedding tool when the coat is dry only; if your pet has skin inflammation, please wait for your pet to fully recover before using the de-shedding tool
  3. To prevent your pet from getting injured, don't pull forcefully
  4. Avoid foreign objects getting into the movable joints of the tool as this might cause damage or malfunction
  5. Clean it immediately after use to avoid the residue of pet fur and oils
  6. Please keep it in a safe place after use to avoid accidental injuries caused by children and pets playing with it